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March 17, 2020
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Unrated Gas Saving Devices And Products To Avoid

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The list of unrated devices that have not received EPA test results and the ones that you must stay off are listed below. You can refer to the EPA website for details of each product. The devices are categorized in the type of its functioning and listed alphabetically.

Air-bleed devices:

ADAKS Vacuum Breaker Air Bleed, Sept. 1971
Air-Jet Air Bleed, Aug. 1972
Aquablast Wyman Valve Air Bleed, July 1973
Auto-Miser, Feb. 1980
Ball-Matic Air Bleed, June 1976
Berg Air Bleed, Jan. 1972
Brisko PCV, Feb. 1971
Cyclone-Z, Jan. 1983
Econo Needle Air Bleed, April 1972
Econo-Jet Air Bleed Idle Screws, 1972
Gas Saving Device, Jan. 1983
Grancor Air Computer,
Hot Tip, Sept. 1982
Landrum Mini-Carb, June 1976
Landrum Retrofit Air Bleed, June 1976
Mini Turbocharger Air Bleed
Monocar HC Control Air Bleed, June 1972
Peterman Air Bleed
Pollution Master Air Bleed, Aug. 1971
Ram-Jet, Jan. 1980
Turbo-Dyne G.R. Valve, April 1978

Stay away from these driving habit modifiers too:

Fuel Conservation Device, Feb. 1980
Gastell, Feb. 1981

There are a number of fuel additives too that have flooded the market and are no good:

EI-5 Fuel Additive, Sept. 1976
Fuelon Power, Sept. 1993
Johnson Fuel Additive
NRG #1 Fuel Additive, Feb. 1978
QEI 400 Fuel Additive
Rolfite Upgrade Fuel Additive, March 1975
Sta-Power Fuel Additive, Feb. 1972
Stargas Fuel Additive, Feb. 1972
SYNeRGy-1, June 1981
Technol G Fuel Additive, Aug 1972
ULX-15/ULX-15D, May 1981
Vareb 10 Fuel Additive, April 1974
XRG #1 Fuel Additive, Feb. 1980

Let's now look at the fuel line devices to stay away from:

FuelXpander, 1980
Gas Meiser I, May 1981
Greer Fuel Preheater, May 1981
Jacona Fuel System, Aug 1982
Malpassi Filter King, June 1983
Moleculetor, May 1981
Optimizer, May 1983
PETRO-MIZER, Dec. 1982
POLARION-X, April 1985
Russell Fuelmiser, Sept. 1982
Super-Mag Fuel Extender, Jan. 1982
Wickliff Polarizer, June 1981

The ignition devices that you should stay away from are:

Autosaver, May 1981
Baur Condenser, Aug. 1981
BIAP Electronic Ignition Unit, Sept. 1970
Fuel Economizer, Sept. 1982
Magna Flash Ignition Control System, Feb. 1972
Paser Magnum/Paser 500/Paser 500 HEI, May
Special Formula Ignition Advance Springs

Internal Engine Modifications that you should say no to is:

Dresser Economizer, Dec. 1981

The Liquid injection device of Goodman Engine System-Model 1800, April 1980 should also be avoided.

Stay away from the following Mixture Enhancers:

Energy Gas Saver, Jan 1982
Environmental Fuel Saver, Feb 1980
Gas Saving and Emission Control Improvement Device, Jan 1983
Glynn-50, Aug. 1981
Hydro-Catalyst Pre-Combustion Catalyst System, July 1973
Sav-A-Mile, Oct. 1981
Turbo-Carb, Aug 1982
Turbocarb , Aug. 1982
Basko Enginecoat, March 1980
Dresser Economizer, Aug. 1982
Electro-Dyne Superchoke, Jan. 1976
Filtron Urethane Foam Filter
Lamkin Fuel Metering Device, July 1974
Smith Power and Deceleration Governor, April 1974

Let's now look at some Vapor bleed devices that one must avoid:

Atomized Vapor Injector, Feb. 1983
Econo-Mist Vacuum Vapor Injection System, Mar. 1975
Frantz Vapor Injection System, Sept. 1971
Hydro-Vac, Aug. 1983
Mark II Vapor Injection System
Platinum Gasaver, July 1991
POWERFUeL, Aug 1983
Turbo Vapor Injection System
SCATPAC Vacuum Vapor Induction System, July 1973
V-70 Vapor Injector, May 1981

Finally some miscellaneous products/devices:

Dynamix, Aug. 1982
Fuel Maximiser, Nov. 1981
Gyroscopic Wheel Cover, June 1983
Inset Aftermarket Retrofit Device, Aug 1999
Kat's Engine Heater, Oct. 1982
Lee Exhaust and Fuel Gasification EGR
Mesco Moisture Extraction System, July 1983
S.C.U. 01 Device, Aug 1983
Treis Emulsifier, July 1981
Vitalizer III, Aug 1999

Keep checking the EPA website for more products that you should avoid as well as for products worth checking into.


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