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July 19, 2020
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Vehicles Used In NASCAR Races

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Garnering the second spot on list of the US's most popular spectator sports, the excitement of NASCAR has captured the heart of many people; gaining millions of fans, not only in the United States but even beyond the US borders. NASCAR drivers are also rising in popularity, especially now that foreign- born drivers start to gain top ranks among NASCAR champions. As popular as the sport can be, many people are often unaware of the kinds of cars used in the sport. Some may easily identify NASCAR trucks through its body paints and sponsor names printed on it, but there is more to know inside the trunk.

NASCAR's original concept was to showcase cars assembled through stock parts that can easily be bought in a local auto parts store. This can be true at some levels, but there is more to these cars than just stock parts. The kind of cars used in NASCAR races today are high- performance racings machines that are especially designed to deal with high G- forces when banking on turns, as well as in achieving high speeds while giving total control to the driver.

NASCAR racing cars have engines that resemble those that are found in the garages, especially those that have big engines. The difference is that NASCAR car engines are customized to adapt to the challenging nature of the sport. In order to perform well in racing, the engines need to be conditioned to withstand high temperatures and high torque which are normally found in race cars. As well, the compositions of the engine are made to precision with exact specifications to reduce the amount of friction and bring out optimum performance. Other components of the engine are also costumed to increase the total performance of the car in terms of speed and acceleration.

Not only does the engine undergo customization, but the car body itself. The exterior of the car may just look the same to that of street cars, but the interiors are very basic. There is no leather or fancy seats, car stereo or other components that are unnecessary for plain driving. These components are removed to reduce the weight of the car that may drag the car and lower down its performance. These factors make NASCAR cars different from common street cars. And if you want to become a NASCAR driver, you must be knowledgeable of these mechanical technicalities.


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