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June 23, 2020
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5 Suggestions For Additional Services When You Get An Oil Change

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Getting your oil changed on a regular basis keeps the engine working smoothly and prevents you from causing unnecessary mechanical problems to your car. But did you know that there are many other basic maintenance services you should consider undergoing whenever you get your oil changed? Taking care of one or more of these items every time you have it changes will keep your car in good condition.

1. Rotate Tires and Check Pressure

Most car and tire manufacturers recommend a tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Depending on how frequently you change your oil, you'll either need a tire rotation every time you go or every other time. Rotating the tires helps them wear more evenly, which in turn makes them last longer. Even if you don't rotate the tires, you should at least check the pressure and fill them to the level indicated in your vehicle's manual.

2. Change Cabin Air Filters

The air that spews out of your air conditioning and heating vents goes through filters to remove all sorts of dust, and these filters eventually get full. By changing the filters every 30,000 miles or so it helps to keep the air flowing into the interior of your car fresher and removes pollen and allergens as well.

3. Change Wiper Blades

A typical set of windshield wiper blades only lasts about a year, after which point they begin to leave serious streaks on the windshield, which can be a potential hazard because it impairs your visibility. If it's been about a year since you last had your wiper blades changed, consider having the guy changing your oil replace the wipers as well.

4. Check the Coolant

A radiator overheating can be dangerous, and if the ratio of antifreeze to coolant is too far off in a cold climate, you could end up with a major problem. When you're changing your oil during the fall, you should have them check the levels to ensure there is enough antifreeze to keep your car safe through the winter.

5. Visual Inspection

Many oil change businesses perform a courtesy visual inspection to look for major issues that require service. They will probably check out the belts and hoses, let you know how thick your brake pads are, and take a look at some other components of your engine. When they make service recommendations, ask how critical each one is to decide whether to have the service done.

Especially if you aren't very familiar with cars, having technicians complete additional services when you get your oil changed will help keep your car in top shape!


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