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August 20, 2020
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A Look At The Drifting Techniques Used In The Sport Of Formula D Racing

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If you have ever watch racing then you may have heard of drifting it is a sport that is becoming more and more famous every day. Even though the first drifting event took place in the United States was 2004 it is still well known all over the world. As stated before it is still raising today so give some support for the sport. If you are not already a fan of drifting then you need to start to like it because it is one of the best sports of today.

If you want to learn about drifting then you need to start out by learning what it is first. A lot of people wonder why it is considered racing when they are not racing multiple cars. Many want to learn about the cars that are raced others want to know about the races in general.

Drifting is scored to the performance of the driver. Drifting is driving a car that is out of control but being able to keep it under control and being able to know how to push the car to the limit but also know how to not push the car over that little line. If you are a drifter then you know what I am saying you have to get the car sideways and in order to do that you need a RWD car with LSD (limited slip differential). You have to be able to get into the drift and keep the throttle on the drift the whole way around your turn.

In drifting there are a number of things that you can do to get your car or you into the sport. As follows with the pro drifting tricks, these moves include a Kansei Drift, a Braking Drift, and E-Brake Drift, and a Long Slide Drift. Right below is an explanation of each of these types of drift tricks.

The Kansei Drift is only to be used with a car with horsepower. Using a car without a lot of horsepower will result in failure. As the right car is used the driver will be able to let his foot off the throttle and create an over steer then all they have to do is keep the car in line and balance while keeping the RPMs up all the way around a corner.

A braking drift is a drift that uses the break to drift and is usually done at low to med speed corners. Once in the corner the driver will brake and slide the tail around to throw them into the drift. To do this drift the driver must be able to keep on the throttle while going about the corner and steering.

An E-Bake Drift, is sort of like the braking drift except using the emergency break. To use the E- brake the right way you get the speed you think you need then right before the corner you rip the E then be sure to keep the car balanced not to throw it off and keep on the throttle while going around the corner too.


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