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October 4, 2020
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Bridgestone Tires - Are These Some Of The Best Tires On The Road?

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How much time do we actually spend thinking about the tires on which our vehicles run? So we walk to car show room, we like a car, they come with four tires and a spare and we are happy with it. Do we spare any thought on the make of the tire? The company name and logo behind the tires; mostly no! Although the type of tire that you use will depend solely on the make of your car; the type of car it is whether a sedan or a 4 by 4, a truck or a jeep, but there are some renowned companies in the world of tires who have manufactured good reliable tires for all sorts for vehicles over the last decades.

Bridgestone is definitely a famous tire manufacturer whose quality of tires and the range has always impressed the buyers. Hailing from the beautiful land of sea and sun, Australia, Bridgestone has carved its niche in motor sports and has associated itself with some of the most famous names in car manufacturing. They make tires for passenger cars, all terrain vehicles, light buses, earth movers, etc. and have many buyers staying loyal to them for years now. So which tire models from Bridgestone are famous? Let's begin with the heavy vehicles.

For trucks and buses, their stability and safety depends a lot on the tires that grip the road. The R 150 tire model from Bridgestone is for trucks and buses. Suitable for both high and low temperature, these tires are designed such that they can take the load of the body of the vehicle and at the same time avoid any jerk caused by the road bumps and small stones or pebbles on the road ensuring that the passengers have a smooth ride.

Bridgestone also manufactures tires for earth movers. The largest manufacturer of heavy tires, Bridgestone has made its mark in the tire world. The large tires manufactured by Bridgestone are sold under the brand name of Fire Stone tires. Made with non directional thread and huge quantity of rubber, these tires are meant to last long. These tires can also sustain high torque, have great traction capacity and are built such that can endure a lot of wear and tear. The Fire Stone tires are puncture resistance and since these are made to operate in difficult terrains the tires are built cut resistant.

The high performance tire from Bridgestone comes under the name Adrenalin Potenza. Offering a broad contact with the road, these tires ensure smooth drive, greater stability and balance for your vehicle. Complete with the latest noise reduction technology, these tires have excellent treads and have the rim guard that protects the rim from easy wear and tear. The perfect round shape of the tire makes it great for passenger vehicles.

So go ahead and pick up a Bridgestone that best suits your need. Believe me they have one for every one. The guarantee of good performance and a great service will give the necessary peace of mind to any vehicle owner. With the rising gas prices, this is one less worry in your mind.


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