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19 Apr 20
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Using A Tailgate Ladder To Improve Your Trucks Boring Tailgate
A tailgate ladder is often used for practical reasons; however, they can also be used to liven up the curb appeal of the truck. Having the right truck accessories will ensure that the truck is practical, and looks great. Tailgates are the vital part of any truck, and are the main point of entry for all items being transported.
05 May 20
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Using Cell Phones While Driving Increases Car Insurance Rates
Cell phones are the omnipresent electronic devices of this era, and multi-tasking is the byword of this generation. So, it is quite natural to see many people jovially chatting over the mobile phone or thumbing down instant jokes while negotiating the traffic on busy highways. It is a habit that spreads like the bushfire does in Australia. And in the long run, it is as deadly as well.
16 May 20
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Using Sunscreen is Crucial to Maintain a Healthy Skin
Your skin is the most important part of you -in a sense that is. A glowing, beautiful skin is always attractive and most people would kill to have it anytime any day. Nutritionists and experts consistently advise taking good care of the skin.
04 Jun 20
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Vehicle Advertising - Let Your Vehicle Do The Work
Have you ever sat and calculated how much time you actually spend in your vehicle while driving to and from work each day. Take into consideration the times that you are stuck in traffic because of some accident or simply due to rush hour traffic. Then you need to add in all of the extra time that is spent due to appointments, errands, and even leisurely drives and such.
28 Jun 20
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Vehicle Factories Stop Filling Landfills
With environmental concerns taking the forefront of a company's public image, a number of industries are attempting to convert their manufacturing facilities to have a lower environmental impact. Leading the way are a number of vehicle manufacturers and their associated factories; the factories that make Honda engines in particular are becoming exceedingly "green" and Earth-friendly.
19 Jul 20
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Vehicles Used In NASCAR Races
Garnering the second spot on list of the US's most popular spectator sports, the excitement of NASCAR has captured the heart of many people; gaining millions of fans, not only in the United States but even beyond the US borders. NASCAR drivers are also rising in popularity, especially now that foreign- born drivers start to gain top ranks among NASCAR champions.
19 Jul 20
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Ways To Improve My Gas Mileage
As gas prices continue to rise I find myself looking for tips on how to improve my gas mileage. I have found that there are actually plenty of easy ways to save hundreds of dollars per year on your gas bill simply by keeping your car in the best possible condition and changing a few driving habits. Below you will find some good tips to improve your gas mileage.
15 Aug 20
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What are Twin Turbo Kits?
At one time, if I asked, what exactly are twin turbo kits? The fact that I didn't know could be attributed to the fact that I am a girl. But saying something like that today would not go over well in an equal rights, girl's can do anything, type of society.
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